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Baufinanzierung Berlin - Die Kreditmeisterei

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Baufinanzierung Berlin - Die Kreditmeisterei

About Me

After graduating with a degree in engineering, I first moved into the sales department of the Berlin property development sector (housing construction). Since 2008 I focus on the private Real estate financing and became freer Home loan specialist, first for the Tinbergen AG (Cologne), then for Dr. med. Klein (Berlin). Finally, I opened 2015 with three others financial professionals the current office floor at Senefelder Platz in Berlin.

Digitization in mortgage lending means for us facilitators the simplification and acceleration of bank processes, customer communication and documentation management. Nevertheless, I firmly believe in the personal contact with my customers. Because the deep trust in the financial advisor required for the biggest business of life can best come in the face of human to human.

These experiences benefit you:

  • Advice on buying and financing
  • Applying for and arranging the best financing
  • Review of the real estate documents
  • Personal support in preparation and execution of the purchase
  • 10 years of expertise
  • Advice also in English
  • You do not incur any costs - I am reimbursed by the bank.

We only had time later in the evening - but that was no problem for Mr. Sedler. Our loan was pledged within just 3 days. And best of all, we can completely repay it completely at any time.

Claudia Th.

Mr. Sedler has analyzed my situation closely and given me with his expertise, many useful tips for the purchase. And - in the end his offer in interest was almost 0,5% better than that of my house bank!

Sylvia M.

After a disastrous experience with a great mediator, Karsten was recommended to me. Not only did he get the funding done, but he later took care of all the paperwork involved in the payout.

P. Black

Mr. Sedler compared the interest of all banks on his portal together with me - and I got the cheapest offer. Great!


I never thought that I could finance my apartment completely without equity. As a result I do not need to wait any longer with the purchase.

Doreen F.

We could directly compare purchase and rent of our apartment. In the end, we decided to stay tenants.


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Baufinanzierung Berlin - Die Kreditmeisterei Karsten Sedler

Schönhauser Allee 167c
10435 Berlin


+49 30 6807 9999

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Current conditions

As 22.06.2020

10 years fixed interest rate:

0,31% pa (0,35% eff.) *
Loan Amount 200.000 €, 100% Payout, Term / Fixed Interest 10 Years, Bonded Interest 0,31% pa, Monthly Rate 1.695 €, Total Amount to Pay 203.400 €, Number of Rates 120

15 years fixed interest rate:

0,50% pa (0,53% eff.) *
Loan Amount 200.000 €, 100% Payout, Term / Fixed Interest 15 Years, Bonded Interest 0,50% pa, Monthly Rate 1.155 €, Total Amount to Pay 207.900 €, Number of Rates 180

20 years fixed interest rate:

0,71% pa (0,73% eff.) *
Loan Amount 200.000 €, 100% Payout, Term / Fixed Interest 20 Years, Bonded Interest 0,71% pa, Monthly Rate 895 €, Total Amount to Pay 214.800 €, Number of Rates 240

*) Financing self-occupied property, up to 60% of the mortgage lending value, employees, mortgage required, which incurs further costs. Possibly. Provision interest 0,25% pM from 3. Month after commitment. At the same time representative example according to § 6a para. 4 PAngV.

Building money 10 years from only 0,35%* Eff. ! Why pay more elsewhere?

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